How do employers conduct college degree verification?

Education background verification is an essential element in numerous job-related background checks. Though it may involve an additional step, verifying an applicants educational credentials is crucial for employers to identify and hire top-notch talent. Additionally, conducting an education background check allows employers to gain a better understanding of you as a potential hire.

In this article, we take a look at educational background checks  including how degree verification is carried out by employers

On occasions, a hiring manager might request your diploma for record-keeping purposes, while certain applications may necessitate the submission or acquisition of a sealed transcript. An alternative method utilized by hiring managers to verify your education is by reaching out to the schools or universities you attended.

At times, companies may engage third-party verification services to conduct screening processes for potential job candidates. These services will follow a similar procedure as an independent request from a company, reaching out to the school or university to obtain your transcripts
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