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Passport Police Verification


A police verification of the employee’s passport is the process of verifying and validating the authenticity of an applicant’s submitted passport as an identification evidence of the candidate’s identity and nationality. Passport Police Verification for your employee can impact the employee’s entitlement/right to work. This is one of the components of a comprehensive background screening process of your Company.

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Why Conduct a Passport Check?

There are various advantages of performing a Passport Verification:

  • It authenticates the applicant’s identity, nationality and rights to work. It furthermore, safeguards Company from liabilities and risks of hiring misrepresented candidates.
  • It protects discreet information of the Company from candidates who are in genuine and shields the Company from possible legal consequences.
  • It investigates prospective candidates and prevents future wastage of time and money by knowing from the very beginning whether the candidate is suitably recognized and fits within the framework of the given employment.
  • It exposes candidates who are insincere and dishonest regarding their identity and entitlements. This is an indicator of an absence of integrity in their work ethics.

Pricing Details
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 500.00-700.00 5-7 Working days
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-3 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-2 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 300.00-700.00 3-7 Working days

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q1.

    What is Passport Verification in the context of Employment Checks?

    Passport Verification is a crucial aspect of employment background screening where a company validates the authenticity and accuracy of an applicant's passport as a proof of identity and travel history.
  • Q2.

    Why is Passport Verification Important for Companies?

    Passport Verification is essential for companies to confirm the legitimacy of an applicant's passport, ensuring that they are who they claim to be and assessing their international travel history when necessary.
  • Q3.

    What Information is Verified during Passport Verification?

    Passport Verification typically includes confirming the passport's details such as passport number, validity, issue date, and visa history, especially if the role requires international travel.
  • Q4.

    Is Passport Verification Legal in India?

    Yes, it is legal in India and is commonly used as part of the employment background checks to establish an applicant's identity and international travel history.
  • Q5.

    How Long Does the Passport Verification Process Take?

    The duration varies but generally takes between 7 to 14 business days, depending on the responsiveness of government authorities and the availability of passport records.