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Education Background Check and Verification

Education Background Check for Employment


An Education Background Check serves as a vital tool for employers to verify the educational credentials, degrees, and professional licenses claimed by potential hires. This thorough process involves scrutinizing academic records, certificates, and licenses to confirm their validity. By conducting such checks, employers can safeguard their organizations from potential fraud and ensure theyre making informed hiring decisions. Additionally, Education verification and check contribute to establishing a culture of trust and credibility within a company. Employers can rest assured that their workforce is comprised of qualified individuals who have undergone rigorous evaluation. As technology advances, these checks have become even more streamlined, providing efficient and reliable results. In conclusion,integrating Education Background verification into the hiring process is a pro active step that empowers companies to build teams based on accurate information,fostering a workforce of skilled professionals who can drive the organization ssuccess forward.

Why do you need education background verification for employment?


According to the statistics, 1 out of every 6 candidates provide falsified, embellished or altered documentations to convince the employer into hiring them. However, there is a lot more than just a phone call to verify the conclusive truth. Various methods are used by the employee background check service providers to obtain authentic information.

How Education Verification for Employment is conducted then? Under this process, the executives make personal visits to the University or Organizations of the applicants from where they have declared to have graduated or worked. Candidates with forged resumes have absence of truthfulness and ethics and definitely is not suitable for any job description. An austere Education Check through a third-party Employment Verification Company, discloses this kind of fraud and prevents a Company from recruiting any unethical person.

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Verification Type Rate TAT
Stamp/Mail Rs. 649.00-699.00 14-15 Minutes
Stamp Rs. 449.00-499.00 7-10 Minutes
Verbal Rs. 309.00-349.00 30-32 Minutes