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Police Record Check for Employment

Police Record Check to know Employee Criminal History


Under this police record check process, prospective candidate’s criminal records (if any), are verified through a police record check and verification and a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is obtained from respective police jurisdiction to prevent the risk of hiring any employee with any kind of offensive or criminal history across India.

Why Conduct a Police Record Check?


The key objective of a police record verification requires the police authorities of respective jurisdiction to perform a thorough criminal record search against the provided name and address. Most employers find police record check helpful to decrease the danger of forgery, theft, scam or other criminal offence executed by a prospective new hire. Further, Police Record Check are extremely important for Organizations where employees are dealing with children, the ageing or other defenceless communities, to avoid recruiting candidates who have previous criminal history. An employer needs to mention clearly in the ad, where it considers that a Police Record Verification is appropriate for a certain job. In these cases, information is conveyed out to applicants and in employment briefings to Background Screening Agencies.

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