Pre Employment Drug Test Check, Employment Drug Testing in India

Pre Employment Drug Testing Check


Once, the son of a renowned Physician was recruited while hiring for a medical group in Health System. Although he did not have any hands-on experience, it was a very sensitive hire. Precisely, the candidate performed well in the interview and seemed to be trainable. A residing place was found for him within the medical staff. But, after a drug test was conducted upon him traces of marijuana was found in his system and not only so, with a little probing it was revealed that he used to keep hash and weed with him in his bag while on duty. With much embarrassment, the physician’s son could be no longer hired in the health system

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Why Conduct a Drug Test Check?

Employees with a record of substance abuse and criminal history are extremely unreliable and causes a danger to the fellow workers. It’s a recognized concern today that, drugs and relationships influence each other to a greater length. Neglecting employee Drug Tests and Criminal Checks yield workplace violence and misdemeanour. As reported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), out of the estimated 22.4 million illegal drug abusers, 9% are employed either permanently or temporarily. Apart from battling with failed relationship, lack of efficiency, drug abusers will also hamper the productivity and performance of his or her co-workers with their misconduct. Such disasters are mitigated by a substance Drug Test, ensuring a safer and healthier workplace environment.

Pricing Details
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 500.00-700.00 5-7 Working days
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-3 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-2 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 300.00-700.00 3-7 Working days

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q1.

    What is Drug Test Check Verification in the context of Employment Checks?

    Drug Test Check Verification is an essential component of employment background screening where a company verifies the results of a drug test conducted on an applicant to ensure that they meet the organization's drug-free workplace policy.
  • Q2.

    Why is Drug Test Check Verification Important for Companies?

    Drug Test Check Verification is crucial for companies to confirm that an applicant is drug-free, ensuring a safe and productive work environment and compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Q3.

    What Information is Verified during Drug Test Check Verification?

    Drug Test Check Verification involves confirming the authenticity and accuracy of an applicant's drug test results, typically for substances like alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances.
  • Q4.

    Is Drug Test Check Verification Legal in India?

    Yes, it is legal in India, but it must be conducted with the consent of the candidate and in compliance with drug testing and data protection laws.
  • Q5.

    How Long Does the Drug Test Check Verification Process Take?

    The duration can vary but typically takes between 3 to 7 business days, depending on the responsiveness of the testing facility and the complexity of the checks.