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Bank Statement Verification


An expert look at the Bank Statement of a candidate can authenticate and clarify a great deal prior to his/her hire. It provides the Company with address particulars, definite figures of the recent credited salary, confirmation of previous employer and confirmation of financial records.

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Why Conduct a Bank Statements Check?

Organizations conduct Bank Statements verification in order to verify that, the employees have provided genuine previous employer Bank Statements to prove their experience and pay package. Majority of the Background Verification Companies have tie ups with the prominent banks to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted by the applicants and methodically conduct previous employer Bank Statement verification to ensure a suitable hire.

Pricing Details
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 500.00-700.00 5-7 Working days
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-3 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-2 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 300.00-700.00 3-7 Working days
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q1.

    What is Bank Statement Verification in the context of Employment Checks?

    Bank Statement Verification is a crucial component of employment background screening where a company verifies the authenticity and accuracy of an applicant's financial records, typically using bank statements.
  • Q2.

    Why is Bank Statement Verification Important for Companies?

    Bank Statement Verification is important for companies to ensure that an applicant's financial claims are truthful and to assess their financial responsibility and stability.
  • Q3.

    What Information is Verified during Bank Statement Verification?

    Bank Statement Verification typically involves confirming the authenticity of the bank statements provided by the applicant, including transactions, account balances, and other financial details.
  • Q4.

    Is Bank Statement Verification Legal in India?

    Yes, it is legal in India, but it must be conducted with the consent of the candidate and in compliance with data protection and privacy laws.
  • Q5.

    How Long Does the Bank Statement Verification Process Take?

    The duration can vary, but it usually takes between 7 to 14 business days, depending on the responsiveness of the bank and financial institutions.