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Court Record Check and Verification Services

Court Record Verification for Employment


In the Court Record check, past records of the prospective employees are dug up seeking any illicit activities and offences that the candidates might have indulged in. Even any criminal or civil offences which might have led to litigation are searched as well.

Why Conduct A Court Record Check?


By conducting Court Record Checks during the pre-employment level, the employer mitigates the threat of allowing any miscreant into the Company. Thus, Court Record Verification for the employees is performed in association with prominent law firms which are already registered with the Bar Council of India. The key validations of this kind of check is received from Criminal and Civil case records across Original Suite, Appeals and JUDIS (Judgement Information System) from Supreme / High / District or Session Courts. With the rapid rise of tricksters and fraudulence, employee background screening cannot be accomplished without a Criminal Record Verification and a Court Record Check of the employees.

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