Is address check mandatory in employee background verification?

The straight answer is simple no.  Address verification is not obligatory for every employee background verification (BGV). It is crucial to acknowledge the importance of maintaining a balance between trust and safety while respecting privacy concerns.

Indeed, as an HR manager or talent acquisition lead, there are various checks that you can conduct. These include ID verification, criminal record checks, verification of educational records, and confirming past employment. In certain instances, professional reference checks or global database checks may be applicable, particularly for middle-management or senior positions. Often, these checks encompass all the necessary information, rendering address verification excessive. Lets examine scenarios where address verification may not be essential.

In the aforementioned circumstances, address verification does not hold paramount importance. Its significance primarily arises when an organization seeks assurance regarding an address provided by an employee or contractor. This verification becomes crucial when essential physical communications need to be sent to that address during or after the individuals tenure with the organization.

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