Education check-Why this is important in background verification?

Education checks play a vital role in background screening. In todays workforce, possessing a formal level of education is essential regardless of industry or job role. While employers strive to establish trust, it remains crucial to thoroughly assess applicants qualifications beyond the surface-level appearance of documents in order to verify their claims.

Here are reasons why your organization should do education checks

Protection from forgery

As unemployment rates increase, some individuals are being tempted to engage in unethical practices to secure employment. Recent findings indicate a significant number of job applicants resort to forging degrees to meet job requirements. This prevalence of forged degrees highlights the critical importance of conducting education checks as a top priority. Furthermore, the rise of diploma mills and unregistered institutions contributes to the proliferation of fraudulent credentials in the job market.

Right Person, Right Seat

The principle stated above is of utmost importance. Its purpose is to determine if the individual hired possesses the necessary knowledge to fulfil the job requirements entirely. Certain individuals may have knowledge gaps that make them unsuitable for a vacant position. Education checks aid in justifying the concept of "Right Person, Right Seat." Moreover, assessing the level of education, degree type, and subjects can assist employers in determining whether an individual can align with the role effectively.
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