Address Check

Employee Background Verification is an essential and reliable procedure to undertake before hiring individuals for your company. In India, the process of address verification process in India holds great significance as it serves as a crucial measure to safeguard your organization against potential losses in the future. Presently, there has been a surge in dubious activities across various sectors, with numerous fraudulent companies taking advantage of their employees. Moreover, the prevalence of fraudulent employees is not insignificant either. However, there are effective measures that can shield your company from such deceitful individuals. To gain further insight, let us explore the specifics of the top address background verification companies in India.

The relation between address check and employee background check

Address verification is a crucial procedure that ensures the legitimacy of an employees residential address, considering the access they have to sensitive company information. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to establish trustworthiness in their employees. A survey revealed that the majority of large companies prioritize verifying the addresses of their employees as an initial step to assess their backgrounds. Start-up companies, in particular, face substantial losses and reputational damage when they neglect background screening measures.

How to start address verification in India?

There are two possible ways to do address verification, one is physically travel and another one is digital address verification.
  • To do physical address verification a field executive is sent who verifies applicant address, family members, days of staying, address detail.
  • Digital address verification is the process through the digital way.
What we do ?

4SL Background Check Pvt. Ltd. stands as a best address verification company in India, streamlining your operations significantly through the utilization of cutting-edge technology in both online and offline address verification procedures. With the implementation of four essential steps that surpass traditional methods, we ensure a seamless and highly efficient process.

  • We gather data and documents to verify the existence of the address.
  • The competent experts check primary data analysis.
  • Moreover, the specialists do in-depth data verification after getting the documents from the employee.
  • Finally the company sends the background verification report to the client.