Everything you need to know about Psychometric Testing

Throughout the recruitment process, interviews, CVs, and application forms play a crucial role in forming an initial impression of a candidate, often leading to the creation of a shortlist.

However, relying solely on these initial impressions is not sufficient to make a well-informed hiring decision. Background screening is vital to delve into the finer details and gain a comprehensive understanding of how an individual aligns with your companies values and contributes value as an employee. For employee-centric employers who recognize the importance of fostering an environment where their team can thrive both at work and beyond, understanding a candidates strengths and leveraging them effectively becomes paramount.

What Are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric testing offers a comprehensive method to assess a candidates skills, personality traits, abilities, and aptitudes beyond what traditional measures like interviews and application forms can provide. These tests typically involve questionnaires, judgements, and personality assessments that delve deeper into a candidates potential performance in the applied position and provide a broader understanding of their overall personality.

Aptitude and Ability Tests

Aptitude and ability testing aims to construct a profile of intelligence levels and skills. These tests come in various forms, encompassing a range of intelligence assessments, providing diverse testing options, such as:

Data checking tests – candidates are judged on their accuracy and speed
Mechanical reasoning – testing problem solving skills using mechanical concepts, often used for applicants for technical positions
Spatial ability – checks a candidates ability to understand the relationship between 2d and 3d objects as well as find patterns and movements between shapes
Numerical reasoning – Maths skills
Abstract reasoning – analysing information and detecting patterns and relationships
Verbal ability – use of language and grammar
Work sampling – testing a candidates ability to do the job they are being hired for Aptitude and ability tests help employers discover how a candidate might perform on the job, and what extra skills they will bring as an employee.

Personality Testing

Personality testing is a way of categorising someone’s personality. It usually includes assessing levels of:

•    Introversion/extroversion
•    Sensitivity
•    Intuition
•    Perception
•    Judging

This can help employers assess how candidates might behave in certain situations.

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