20 + questions you should be asking to boost your employer brand

It is essential to incorporate, at the very least, a modified version of these 21 questions into your survey. Whenever feasible, make sure to utilize rating scales, multiple-choice options, or open fields for responses to effectively assess satisfaction levels across various areas. This comprehensive approach will yield valuable data and insights from survey participants.

Leadership support

    1. How would you rate senior leadership?
    2. How good is your manager at recognizing your   contributions at work?
    3. How comfortable do you feel providing upward    feedback?
    4. Does your manager set clear goals?

Company communication and brand perception

    5. How transparent is management in communicating company performance?
    6. How would you rate the companys communication with employees?
    7. How would you rate the companys communication with clients/the public?

Alignment to the company mission

    8. Are you proud to work for this company?
    9. What do you believe is this companys primary purpose?
    10. If you were to quit tomorrow, what would be your reason for leaving?

Process improvement

    11. Name three (or more) processes we could improve.

Overall company culture

    12. Describe our company culture in one word.
    13. How would you rate your work-life balance?
    14. Does your manager provide the support you need to advance your career?
    15. Does your manager provide the resources you need to perform your job well?
    16. How connected do you feel to your co-workers?
    17. How challenging is your work?
    18. How satisfying is your work?

Likelihood of recommending the company, staying or leaving

    19. How likely are you to refer a friend to work here?
    20. How long do you see yourself staying with this company?

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