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Employer Branding Survey


Employer brand is a term referred to describe a company’s reputation and popularity from a potential employer’s perspective and describes the values a company gives to its employees. Employer Brand survey is a necessary device an Organization takes the help of, to keep a track of their brand image in public’s eyes. It is an essential means of staying at the top of the industry by examining diverse aspects of the brand as influenced by the clients of the Company.

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Significance of performing Employer Branding surveys:

Conducting vital Employer Branding surveys empowers HR to strategically attract top talent. The graphs accentuate the pivotal role of a compelling Employer Brand, highlighting its impact on qualified candidate appeal. A robust brand serves as a magnet, giving organizations a competitive edge in the talent landscape. Furthermore, it fosters employee retention, reducing turnover costs by enhancing satisfaction and engagement. The graphs illuminate a positive correlation between an effective employer brand and heightened employee productivity, underscoring its integral role in navigating today's fiercely competitive job market. Investing in a powerful employer brand emerges as a strategic imperative for organizations aspiring to thrive in talent acquisition and retention.

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Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 500.00-700.00 5-7 Working days
Employment Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-3 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 100.00-200.00 1-2 Working days
Address Check
Rate TAT
Rs. 300.00-700.00 3-7 Working days
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q1.

    What is a Brand Survey in Background Verification?

    A Brand Survey is a background verification process that assesses an individual's or organization's reputation and trustworthiness in the context of their brand or business. It helps organizations make informed decisions about their associations.
  • Q2.

    Why is a Brand Survey Important in Background Verification?

    A Brand Survey is crucial to ensure that an individual or organization aligns with the values and reputation standards of your business. It helps protect your brand's integrity and credibility.
  • Q3.

    What Information is Included in a Brand Survey?

    A Brand Survey may include information about an individual or organization's reputation, customer reviews, online presence, and any adverse information that could impact their brand image.
  • Q4.

    How is a Brand Survey Conducted?

    A Brand Survey is typically conducted through online research and analysis. It involves studying online reviews, social media presence, news articles, and other publicly available information to gauge an entity's brand reputation.
  • Q5.

    Is Consent Required for a Brand Survey?

    Consent is not typically required for a Brand Survey as it involves researching publicly available information. However, it's essential to conduct such surveys in compliance with data privacy and ethical standards.