What is the Employer Branding survey?

Employer branding (EB) refers to the strategic management of the employer brand throughout various processes that directly impact employees experiences and perceptions of the brand. The success of EB initiatives relies on implementing actions that prioritize and enhance the quality of:

•    Employee experience in the organization

•    talent retention and

•    Brand disclosure

What is an employer brand?

The concept of employer branding encompasses the companys reputation as an employer, not only among its existing employees but also among all its key stakeholders, including active and passive job candidates, customers, consumers, suppliers, and more. Creating a strong employer brand entails thoughtful consideration of the companys image, identity, and culture. This process involves examining internal dynamics and fostering positive relationships within the organization to ensure a thriving and harmonious work environment.

How does the search work?

We recommend aligning the application frequency of the instrument with the organizations strategic planning frequency. The suitable interval may differ based on factors such as the business model, management maturity, and external environment volatility, allowing no fixed rules to be followed. Nevertheless, we find that a 6-month interval is advisable for two main reasons:

•    While the plan undergoes biannual, annual, or half-yearly reviews, employer brand management remains a relatively new focus in organizations.

•    The employer brand strategy aligns with the overall macro strategy of the business, and within this timeframe, any necessary adjustments to the organizations trajectory can be monitored and implemented.

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